Periodic Assemblies

March 30, 2009





Situated Assemblies II

March 29, 2009

Second Attempt

Situated Assemblies

March 23, 2009




Causa lecture paragraph:

Assemblies are based on peoples’ movement , their distance to each other and the site ( my specific region). They are also created by connectng and finding the realationship of people to one another and freezing a moment to record their position. Same as Robert Miles Kemp’s works , harmony is created through unintentional moves but with logics behind the forms. like many images that kemp has worked with although there might not be perfect relationships between assemblies’s structure but they are realted internally through the same logic. This also leads to visual harmony and geometries that is also visible in kemps works as well. Based on our last projects traking the movement of people and their distance to one another allows us to trace differences in programs and processes present in the site ( that might not be visible to us in our everyday life).

Tracing Difference

March 18, 2009

I am presenting my board based on   Architectural study of my surfaces by c cataloguing different results achieved by a specific set of moves that led to subsequent iterations. All the forms are connected to one another in one way or other that allows a harmony among the forms and products. Some of the steps that led to some of the surfaces are shown here. i tried to pick the major forms and structures that were the main foundation of my work.